Natural and Organic products for a more sustainable Planet
Natural and Organic Cosmetics non toxic & cruelty-free
We work in the Montseny Natural Park, a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve and our products come from certified organically grown aromatic plants.
Natural and Organic Aromatherapy Fragrances
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Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere Reserve

We work in the Montseny Natural Park, a UNESCO biosphere Reserve. In this unique location we grow with love and dedication our medicinal and aromatic plants that we later distil in order to obtain their benefits and properties in the form of essential oils, which are the key point around which all our activity is centred and where the meaning of the brand Fragàncies del Montseny.



Fragàncies del Montseny is the first brand of beauty and wellness products that, from the fields of a Biosphere Reserve to the final product, reinvests in the growth of medicinal and aromatic plants with strict ecological criteria in order to help with the recovery and sustainability of neglected and unproductive natural spaces.

Certification Cosmos - standard AISBL - Organic and natural cosmetics - The Soil Association


All our products are certified Natural and Organic. We create and elaborate while we certify them, since we believe is the best guarantee of reliability, consistency and transparency for the consumer. Even though we were born certified by the prestigious Swiss Institute IMO, since January 2016, we are the first Spanish brand with the COSMOS standard, certified by Soil Association.

If you wish to know more about the fields of the Montseny Biosphere, where we cultivate our aromatic plants, as well as to discover their handcrafted distillation processes, we can organise a professional visit for you.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Fragàncies del Montseny offers natural and organic cosmetic products, from medicinal and aromatic plants that are cultivated in the Mediterranean fields of the Biosphere Reserve located in the Montseny Natural Park. All the benefits of aromatherapy guaranteed by the prestigious IMO Certificate.

  • We cultivate our own medicinal and aromatic plants and we never harvest wild plants. This type of collection would endanger some valuable species.
  • We ensure the absence of contamination thanks to our cultivation and production methods. We guarantee short cycles of production with fresh plant materials and we avoid unwanted mixtures of components.
  • We rigorously control the organic and natural origin of the raw materials that we cannot obtain from our own crops and we only accept the ones that have been strictly guaranteed organic and have an absolute and proven reliability.
  • We minimize the environmental impact by using recycled materials, as well as by using recyclable and biodegradable bottling and packaging.
  • As a team we are aware of the value of the biological material with which we are working. We respect and prioritize the active principles of the plants themselves during the different production stages, in this way we achieve the greatest natural protection of the organism in its entirety