NAIADA: Fragrances, cosmetics and scents for home

NAIADA is the new line of fragrances, cosmetics and home scents from Fragàncies del Montseny. Etymologically, “Naiada” comes from the Greek mythology and means “freshwater nymph”, a goddess who lives in and gives life to nature. The NAIADA represents the purity of crystal clear spring and stream waters that plough through the Woods of the Montseny Natural Park, a Biosphere Reserve. The products NAIADA are completely natural and/or organic. They are authentic extracts from nature for the mind, body and spirit.

Natural & Organic products

The NAIADA range is composed of 5 families, NAIADA SECRETS, NAIADA COSMOS, NAIADA LADYBUG, NAIADA OPEN MIND and NAIADA’S WORLD. The first one offers natural and organic fragrances. It follows a line of cleansing and moisturising products for adults, in the same way a special line for babies. Also a line with a variety of aromatherapy massage oils which are 100% organic and finally a range of products to perfumespaces.