Roberto Eros

“I deeply believe in the benefits of aromatherapy. On countless occasions I have been able to witness how Mediterranean aromatic plants bring instant happiness to people through positive emotions that are generated in the limbic system and in the subconscious mind. Personally, I have also experienced the beneficial effects on my physical health.
My challenge when founding Fragàncies del Montseny is to gather all of the ancestral knowledge about the uses of the Mediterranean aromatherapy plants and complement it with data provided by the modern science, about their benefits to the health and wellbeing of people and to guarantee the results through the most rigorous certifying bodies worldwide.
A perfect balance of craftsmanship and contemporary modernity materialises in our products, which are made with essential oils from medicinal and aromatherapy plants, organically grown.
Our goal for sustainability is comprehensive: from our commitment to the conservation of biodiversity, through the recuperation of abandoned fields, to the people and organisations in which the profits of Fragàncies del Montseny are reinvested.
This is our philosophy, one that motivates us and allows us to offer a mosaic of emotions that are concentrated in the biodiversity of our creations for the wellbeing of mind, body and spirit”.

Roberto Eros, CEO and founder of Fragàncies del Montseny


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