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  • Natural and Organic Cosmetics from certified organic crops

Natural and Organic Cosmetics from certified organic crops

Fragàncies del Montseny is a brand that offers natural and organic products for the body and the mind that are made from organic plants cultivated in certified organic crops. In this locations we grow with love and dedication our medicinal and aromatic plants that we later distil in order to obtain their benefits and properties in the form of essential oils.

The essential oils are the key point around which all our activity is centred and where the meaning of the brand Fragàncies del Montseny, founded by Roberto Eros, resides. This bio-agriculture businessman is convinced of the benefits of medicinal and aromatic plants to people’s health and wellbeing.

Our philosophy focuses on three main values:

  • People's health and wellbeing
  • Commitment to biodiversity conservation
  • Sustainability in a broad sense

  • Biosphere Reserve
  • Eu Organic Logo
  • Eu Organic Logo


Our actions are in line with our philosophy:

  • Our products come from controlled and supervised organic crops, which are chemical-free.
  • We cultivate our own medicinal and aromatic plants and we never harvest wild plants. This type of collection would endanger some valuable species.
  • We ensure the absence of contamination thanks to our cultivation and production methods. We guarantee short cycles of production with fresh plants and we avoid unwanted mixtures of components.
  • We rigorously control the organic and natural origin of the raw materials that we cannot obtain from our own crops and we only accept the ones that have been strictly guaranteed organic and have an absolute and proven reliability.
  • We minimize the environmental impact by using recycled materials, as well as by using recyclable and biodegradable bottling and packaging.
  • We reinvest in the growth of medicinal and aromatic plants with strict ecological criteria in order to help with the recovery of neglected and unproductive natural spaces.

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