Our team at Fragàncies del Montseny are aware of the value of the biological material with which they work. We respect and prioritize the active principles of the plants themselves during the different production stages, in order to achieve the greatest natural protection of the organism in its entirety.

We distil and produce our own essential oils combining ancient tradition with modern technology. This union raises the oil’s vital force and increases its positive energy, which is transferred through the skin and through the sense of smell to the psyche. In this manner all the organism gets holistically harmonised and the spiritual and physical health is increased, resulting in clear effects of peace and wellbeing.

Our fragrances are based on the benefits of Aromatherapy, which makes you feel good thanks to its well known olfactory pleasures. Our essential oils will either give you energy and balance or instead they will relax the mind and body, depending on each moment or need.

In the field of Aromatherapy we work with the internationally famous master Enrique Sanz Bascuñana, the founder of the Integrated Aromatherapy Institute (ESB), who is very knowledgeable about the oils’ healing properties.

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