Biosphere Reserve

Montseny Natural Park

Fragàncies del Montseny is located in Montseny Natural Park, a Biosphere Reserve area, designated by UNESCO, under the MAB (Man and Biosphere) programme.

Biosphere Reserves are geographic locations representative of the planet’s different habitats. They comprise the earth’s ecosystems as well as the marine ones.

These reserves are internationally recognised although they remain under their own country’s sovereignty and they are neither covered nor protected by any International treaty. They are selected for their scientific interest, based on a series of criteria which determine if an area is suitable to be included or not included in the programme.

These areas act mainly as a way of preserving and protecting biodiversity,

but also contribute to the economic and human development of the area. Other functions related to these areas are research, education and exchange of information between the various reserves that form an international network.

In that sense, biosphere reserves become ideal places to explore and demonstrate conservation methods and sustainable development that will provide with the best applicable practices for other locations engaged in a learning process.

Likewise, biosphere reserves contribute to guarantee the region’s economic, social and environmental sustainability, and they encourage the rational use of natural and human resources.

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