Soil Association certificates COSMOS Organic and Natural to Fragàncies del Montseny cosmetic products

  • Aceite corporal NAIADA 100% orgánico certificado COSMOS ORGANIC y Fragancia de Aromaterapia NAIADA certificada COSMOS NATURAL

Fragàncies del Montseny has obtained the COSMOS standard for their natural and organic cosmetics, based on aromatherapy. Soil Association is the organism that ensures the compliance of this standard.

From now on,  NAIADA line (personal hygiene for adults and babies, body and massage oils and aromatherapeutic fragrances), has the backing of the COSMOS standard, certified by the renowned British Soil Association.
Standard Cosmos has been created by five European organizations with its own rules for the certification of natural cosmetics and / or organic, in the absence of European legislation, in order to have a common standard that certifies the reality on the ingredients. These are the five certification organisms that can verify compliance with the COSMOS standard: Soil Association, ICEA, Cosmebio, BDIH and Ecocert.
In addition, there are two product categories: COSMOS ORGANIC and COSMOS NATURAL. Cosmos Organic certified organic products, while Cosmos Natural certifies products with mostly Natural content less organic content. NAIADA from Fragàncies del Montseny has both certifications, depending on each product. For instance, all our body and massage oils are 100% organic, so certified as COSMOS ORGANIC, while hygiene products and fragrances are certified as COSMOS NATURAL. It should be noted that Organic is defined as content that comes from certified organic agriculture, while Natural means the ingredients come from nature. 
The COSMOS standard also provides a great concern for the preservation of the planet, so it is very strict in accepting any packaging material that may harm the environment. The production process is also controlled, as well as the spaces where the ingredients are processed and handled, and of course, the recycling of all materials used. Therefore, one of the initial certification requirements is to present a consistent and demonstrable Environmental Plan.

At Fragàncies del Montseny, we are very pleased to be the first Spanish brand of natural and organic cosmetics certified with the COSMOS standard by the Soil Association, since this certification ensures our products NAIADA meet all requirements in terms of health and wellness for consumers.