Fragàncies del Montseny in La Vanguardia

  • Fragàncies del Montseny in spanish La Vanguardia newspaper

On Sunday August 21, in the section of innovative projects, the newspaper La Vanguardia has published this article about Fragàncies del Montseny, which highlights the brand, cultivating its own aromatherapy plants in the Biosphere Reserve of Montseny, began his internationalization process.

Certified Cosmetic COSMOS brand 

It is important to note that the mainstream press is interested in organic cosmetics projects. In particular, the newspaper points that Fragàncies del Montseny is a brand with the standard COSMOS Natural and Organic, as it helps to inform the customer about  the importance of certification as a guarantee of  protocols followed in the production process and, of course , natural and organic ingredients used in the products.

Certified Organic Body Oils

It also highlights La Vanguardia that Fragàncies del Montseny offers a specific line of organic body oils aimed at spas, beauty salons, massage and wellness business wishing to incorporate certified organic oils in their line, to differentiate themselves from the rest. Nowadays, most of the body oils that are used in this segment are not certified as organic with a standard recognized by a competent body as it is the case of NAIADA product line of Fragàncies del Montseny,  regulated by the prestigious Soil Association, which confirms that all products meet the international standard COSMOS. You can check our certificates in our web.