Fragàncies del Montseny is member of the Soil Association


Fragàncies Montseny is now a member of the Soil Association, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to raise awareness, develop and safeguard the organic sector, meaning the same as everything related to organic farming and products thereof are obtained.

The Soil Association was founded in UK in 1946 by a group of farmers, scientists and nutritionists who advocated a proper use of the land  through organic farming, without pesticides or chemicals that damage the soil and pollute the resulting products being harmful health.

The Soil Association also regulates the "organic" criterion in cosmetic products. Therefore, it has a proper standard saying what can be labelled as  organic products. 

In Europe, unlike what happens in food, in cosmetics there is no legal regulations for organic products.One of the most important steps achieved by the Soil Association, in conjunction with other institutions also concerned to ensure the correct labeling of natural and organic certified products is the creation of standard  COSMOS, which aims to harmonize globally,  the labels of terms "Natural" and "Organic" for consumers to have a complete, accurate and transparent product information in their hands

For all these reasons, Fragàncies Montseny, which shares the philosophy of biodiversity conservation, safeguarding the planet and wellness of people, it is now a member of this organization. We are also  working to labelling COSMOS all our cosmetic products, as an exercise of commitment and consistency of what we say we do, and absolute transparency of the ingredients of our products.