Fragàncies del Montseny

Fragàncies del Montseny, the first organic cosmetics brand linked to the Biosphere Reserve of Montseny Natural Park.

Fragàncies del Montseny is the first brand of beauty and wellness products that, from the fields of a Biosphere Reserve to the final product, reinvests in the growth of medicinal and aromatic plants with strict ecological criteria in order to help with the recovery and sustainability of neglected and unproductive natural spaces.

Fragàncies del Montseny is a new brand concept of natural and organic products based on the benefits of aromatherapy in order to contribute to the health and wellness to people. The big difference between this brand and the existing ones on the market, is that it links its completely handcrafted production to a particular territory: Montseny Natural Park, a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve.

Biosphere Reserves contribute to guarantee the region’s economic, social and environmental sustainability, and they encourage the rational use of natural and human resources. In addition, they are pollution-free areas, due to the air and soil’s purity.

In this respect, Roberto Eros, founder of the brand, explains that his challenge when launching the brand is:“to ensure that the plants are grown organically in the fields of Montseny, a Biosphere Reserve, and that the products are made in a conscious and handcrafted manner, with total respect for Mother Nature, and for the health and wellness of people.”

In reference to the products, Eros defines himself as a person convinced of the benefits of scientific aromatherapy: “On countless occasions I have been able to witness how Mediterranean aromatic plants bring instant happiness to people through positive emotions that are generated subconsciously in the limbic system.”

Fràgancies del Montseny home and body products are certified by the prestigious Swiss institution IMO, Institute for Marketecology. It has the authority to grant the IMO Certificate, one of the most valued certificate for natural and organic products in the world. Fragàncies del Montseny products are also endorsed by the Spanish association Vida Sana, which is recognized at a European level.

Fragàncies del Montseny works with the best partners in the market, like Enrique Sanz Bascuñana, founder of the Aromatherapy Institut E.S.B.and who is very knowledgeable about the oils’ healing properties. 

Fragànciesdel Montseny is putting the finishing touch to its launchby creating a website from where it will sell its products online. The distribution of its products will also be done by online natural and organic cosmetic shops and by specialised high street shops. In the centre of Montseny’s village, surrounded by nature, is where the first flagship store can be found.

The first line of products commercialised by the brand is called Naiada, which etymologically means “freshwater nymph” and is inspired by the fresh and pure woods of Montseny Natural Park (near Barcelona). Naiada offers a varied range of products for mind, body and spaces:from totally natural fragrances to essential oils for health uses, through to a line for the bodyanother one for children, a line of mosquito repellents and products for the home, car and office.

Our products are natural and organic, based on the benefits of aromatherapy and coming from our own organically grown plants, a sustainable project linked to a Biosphere Reserve.This philosophy is what motivates the new brand Fragàncies del Montseny and which, according to Roberto Eros: “allows us to offer a whole spectrum of emotions in the biodiversity of our creations for the wellbeing of the mind, body and spirit.”